What To Do In Case of Accident

  1. Check yourself.  How injured are you?  Call 911 immediately.  WAIT FOR MEDICAL ASSISTANCE.  We know your tough, but if you leave the accident site it makes claiming medical fees more difficult!
  2. Help others in the accident, but don’t admit to any wrongdoing!
  3. DON’T MOVE YOUR BIKE!  You want the accident site to be preserved so law enforcement personnel can take pictures.  In fact, you should use your cell phone to take as many pictures of the scene as possible from all different angles.  Also take selfies showing your injuries. 
  4. When the EMT’s arrive, tell them about every bit of pain and every injury.  Same thing when you get to the emergency room or to see doctors.  Yes, we all don’t like to admit pain, but in this case its always to your benefit.
  5. Take pictures of licenses of witnesses if they will let you.  If they won’t, get names, cell phones, addresses, and whatever information you can so they can be contacted later if need be.
  6. Take pictures of licenses and insurance of other drivers using your cell phone.  If people won’t let you, get names, license numbers, insurance companies, anything you can get and write it down.
  7. MAKE A COMPLETE STATEMENT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL WHILE IT IS FRESH IN YOUR MIND.  Start from the beginning, speak slowly and calmly, and give a sequential description of everything that you recall happening in the order that it happened. 
  8. Call American Riders Association at 330-486-0673 or 440-667-7259 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and we will advise you on an attorney and you will have an initial free.


Protecting riders before and after an accident


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What To Do In Case of Accident

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  • The attorneys assigned by the American Riders Association talk to me like a human being and understood what I was going through in those early days after the accident when my thought processes were still recovering.  The best compliment I can give them is ‘They are real’”

  • I can’t say enough good things about the support I received in the legal side of things as a result of being a member of the American Riders Association. The attorneys reached a settlement of $900,000 with the insurance company, and thanks to the American Riders Association, my attorney cost was only $49,000.

  • I don’t know what I would have done without the attorneys assigned to me by the American Riders Association. Getting even the smallest things of the insurance company was a headache before they got involved. With them, every time I got a bill, I just mailed it to the attorneys, and they saved me the headache.

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